Work with me

  • Open the door

Scared by the blank page? Don’t know where to begin with?

Jump into this confidence building booster  and discover the joy of  writing.

2 weeks / $ 100

An email every 4 days with word games and prompts.

Send me your writings (if you want) and I’ll give you my feedback at the end of it.


  • Make yourself at home 

 You decided that you really like the place and now you are ready to explore its rooms.

 Put in your own words people, places and emotions.     

Look at everyday life with different eyes

3 weeks/ $ 150 

We’ll have a 30 minutes chat about what you’d like to write about.

Every week I’ll send you an email with prompts, then I’ll give you feedback about your writing.

At the end we’ll have a final chat to assess the all experience 


  • Your own special place 

Now you are ready to dig deeply into your Italian Creative Writing and make the place your own.

Or you simply prefer to have a coach guiding you through every step.

4 weeks/ $ 250 

A 30 minute chat at the beginning about the topic/ topics you would like to write about  and the skills you would like to develop.

A 30 minute chat at the end to assess the all experience.

Together we will determine the frequency of the emails and the intensity of the work, according to your choices and preferences.

For 4 weeks I’ll be your private Writing Coach so you’ll be able to contact me at any moment for questions, clarifications, doubts and encouragement. 



If you are not satisfied with the course, you can ask for a refund:

within 8 days from the purchase (day of the purchase included)

After 8 days no refund will be granted.