About me


Has your Italian reached a plateau and you feel like there’s no room to grow? 

This is ColorItaliani.

I’m Maria Teresa Zoppello and I want to help you to mine the Italian language for the richness you want to discover. 


You are

  • A  learner from the Intermediate to Advanced
  • A teacher of Italian
  • A student who needs to practice Italian through writing
  • A Creative Person

You love Italian and for you Italian is a real burning passion.

Here you will learn how to excel your Italian beyond “Advanced” textbook level by writing creatively.

My name is Maria Teresa Zoppello, I’m Italian and I’m a Writing Coach.

I teach Creative Writing in Italian through workshops, online courses, 1:1 lessons, my blog.

I’ve got a degree in Italian Language and Literature and I’ve been a drama critic and researcher, writing for various Italian publications

For more than 25 years I’ve been teaching Italian for foreigners,

helping students with their Italian and with their writing.

At the moment I live and work in Hungary.


I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always been terrified by it.

As a student, for my teachers the result was always far more important 

than the journey toward it.

I could write well, I had good grades. Nothing less than perfection was expected from me.

Fast, immediate perfection. 

Obviously I lived in fear of my teachers disapproval.


When I began to write as a drama critic things just went worse until I couldn’t stand it anymore and I stopped writing. 

For years and years.


At some point, being a teacher and having to teach writing to my students, 

I had this crazy idea: 

What if I started practising myself what I was teaching to my students: 

be patient,

take time

revise, revise, revise

have fun


Maybe I could do what I was preaching? 

And find new ways for me and my students to be creative with writing?

 So, that’s how it all began.


Is there anything else to know about me?

I love stories, in whatever form: books, tv’s series, films, tales, you name it.

If there is a story around, I’m there, all ears and all eyes.

I love singing: Italian stereotype, I know, but I am a very shy singer. 

Recently I discovered the musical Les Miserables and I’m singing it along with Youtube videos. I’m in love with Stars sung by Philip Quast. 

I cannot even begin  I Dreamed A Dream. 

Too much crying.


Tell me if it sounds like you….

  • You don’t know exactly how to be more creative in your Italian writing
  • You don’t know where to begin from
  • You’re mortally scared by the evil blank page staring at you and at your blank head
  • You think your writing is never good enough 

.You’ve had enough of:

  • Writing letters to your imaginary “Italian friend”
  • Talking in general  and small talk in particular
  • Sun, coffee and pizza as the only possible topics
  • Any meaningless conversation


Try some of my ideas for your Italian Creative Writing:

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If you like you can send them to me and if you want, we can have a chat about them.

Also you’ll receive twice a month (more or less) my newsletter with other news ideas  and my courses. 

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No hard feelings 🙂



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